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Derma Mum Superior Protection Nipple Balm

Derma Mum Superior Protection Nipple Balm

Helps cool and protect cracked and sore nipples with a moisturising balm that is expertly blended for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Derma Mum Superior Cooling Active Body Gel

Derma Mum Superior Cooling Active Body Gel

Helps to cool and calm puffy, swollen skin in need of nourishment. It also helps to moisturise the skin, reduce the appearance of stretch marks & cool hard working bodies during pregnancies.


Skincare / 2 Products

Skin care is an important part of a beauty routine and can add to feeling and looking totally fabulous 24/7. Sometimes we all need a little help with our skin and beauty regimes. KMI is proud to stock an outstanding range of products to help you in your quest for perfect skin.

When it comes to skin care from cleansing, toning and moisturising, to exfoliating and shaving, a good routine ensures your skin is always in top condition. Your routine may be daily or weekly, using the most natural and gorgeous products ensure the best care and nourishment for your skin.

KMI offers you a range of skin care from our top brands including Naked and LP Skin Therapy. These products are dermatologically tested and created from the finest flora in nature. They harness the natural properties to work in harmony with your skin. Used as part of a routine, these products will promote healthy, glowing, soft youthful skin. Something you will agree, we all crave.

You will find four categories in our Skin Care range, Cleansing and Toning, Moisturising, Eyes and Lips. To make the most of your beautiful features, choose from a range of designer skin care products. Make them part of your routine every day and see the amazing effects a good skin routine can produce.

If you suffer from sensitive skin, our natural ranges such as Naked could be an answer to your prayers as they contain natural ingredients.

When you purchase any new skin care product, read the ingredients label and instructions very carefully. We are all guilty of taking something home and simply slapping it on, in the hope we will wake up 10 years younger, but some products require you to apply them in a specific way, once you have that down to a T, you will start to reap the benefits.

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