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Whether you’re a punk and like to sport the Mohican, an indie boy with your hair pushed over to the side, a rocker with a Mohawk or you like to style your hair in a variety of different ways, Keep Me Inspired has the hair product for you.

There are a multitude of ways men can wear their hair, which reflects their personality and style. Hair up or hair down, that is the question!

We stock a range of products from one of our favourite brands Fish. A fresh and funky name which offers products including gel, putty, wax, texturising cream, glue, hairspray and other items. You’ll find some products boast a different strength rating, which you can choose depending on the style you want to create, whether you want it to last all day and look edgy, or you want a more natural finish. You can also choose if you want a product to produce a wet look or a matt look finish depending on your style.

Using products isn’t a case of lathering on as much as possible, some of our products are strong enough to keep hair in place without drenching your head and ruining the style. Gone are the days of using polish and spit to keep those hairs in place, luckily styling products such as Fish, not only produce an incredible finish, but smell amazing too.

Just like changing clothes, men can easily change their hairstyles using different styling products. Some men will choose to sport the same hairstyle for their whole lives, whilst others may be brave and choose edgy fashion cuts or styles represented by music stars and celebrities. No matter what style you go for Keep Me Inspired has the styling products you need to keep your barnet in place and in tip-top condition.

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