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There is a lot you can do to maintain your body to make it feel, look and smell good. If you are a man that showers in the morning, you may use soap or body wash and shampoo, when you’re out of the shower you might have a quick shave with cream or foam, moisturise then probably deodorise and add fragrance. Voila, you’re ready for the day feeling clean, smelling fresh and looking sharp.

Keep Me Inspired offers a range of mens grooming products which will have compliments flying your way.

Men’s skin is very different to women’s. The face area is very delicate and the process of shaving can strip natural moisture from the cells leaving the skin feeling dry and tight. Men tend to have thicker skin on the body, generally oilier skin and smaller sebaceous glands, which produce the natural sebum in your skin. So, when it comes to male grooming, products are specifically made with men’s skin in mind.

Keep Me Inspired stock a range of treats for men’s bodies from one of our favourite brands- FISH. Fish originally created hair products, but thanks to their popularity, moved onto producing a range of mens grooming product including Fish Revitalising Hair and Body wash, Freshfish Platinum Deo Body Spray and Fish Anti-Perspirant.

Unfortunately, if you are a busy man, there may be times you cannot grab a shower, to spritzing on some Freshfish Platinum body spray is perfect to refresh you.

If you like to work hard and play hard, are into your sports or have a physically demanding job, jumping in the shower may be a rest bite for you, why not treat yourself to products which look after your skin and smell gorgeous? Using Fish Anti-Perspirant is perfect for those men who are always on the go.

There is nothing wrong with men who look after themselves, in fact at Keep Me Inspired, we encourage it, and want men to take care of their bodies, look their best and smell amazing.

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