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Shampoo is the first step to cleansing your locks as part of a hair care routine. Keep Me Inspired are proud to stock natural shampoos from Naked, Mini Naked and Naked for kids, and a range of funky fresh shampoos from Fish and Fish for girls.

Naked offer a range of shampoos for different types of hair. If you’re graced with long straight hair, our Naked Smooth Silky Shampoo for straight or longer hair is perfect. If you need more volume, need to revive your hair, want to nourish and hydrate dry hair that has been damaged by styling, or have a sensitive scalp, you will find a shampoo for every desire and hair type from Naked.

Fish and Fish for Girls is a funky range of shampoos that was born from great British Hairdressing. Fish for Girls offers a secret weapon that every girl should carry! Dry Shampoo.

How often should I wash my hair?

This is an age-old question and is completely down to the individual. Everyday your hair is subjected to the elements, it can be full of products or constantly flying around and therefore can become dirty. Some people are happy to wash their hair every day, some people’s hair still looks fine after 2 or 3 days, there are no hard and fast rules because everyone’s hair is different. Some may find their hair gets greasy quickly so feel they have to wash their hair every day.

Washing your hair properly

It’s not just about blobbing on some shampoo and rubbing it in, oh no, there is a way to effectively cleanse your locks. More shampoo isn’t necessarily better, pour the size of a 10p into the palm of your hand, and make sure your hair is really wet, totally saturated. Now you can recreate the experience of a salon by gently massaging the shampoo into your hair and gently pressing on the scalp. The head massages given by stylists encourage the blood to rush to the scalp promoting hair growth. When you’ve washed, make sure you rinse completely, and squeeze any excess water out of your hair. Then it’s onto the second stage- Conditioning.

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