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The second stage of hair care- conditioning, is equally important as the first- washing. The conditioning stage can help nourish and moisturise dry hair, repair any damage, and protect hair against the elements.

Keep Me Inspired offers a range of hair conditioners from our favourite brands including Naked and Fish.

Naked is a range of natural products which boasts up to 97% natural ingredients. This makes their hair care products incredibly kind to your hair and scalp. Our range of Naked includes conditioners for fine to greasy hair, sensitive scalps, coloured hair, frizzy and damaged hair, straight and long hair, and finally our award winning Naked Shine Hydrating Conditioner for normal to dry hair, which was highly commended in the Natural Health Magazine Beauty Awards in 2010.

If you need intensive treatment to dry, damaged hair, try Naked Miracle Worker Leave-In Conditioner. This silicon free product penetrates the shaft of the hair leaving it soft, silky and well maintained.

How often should I condition my hair?

Even the most pin clean hair can be dry, frizzy and damaged. Conditioners do the job they are meant to do, but the trick is to choose one that’s specific to your hair type, otherwise you may end up with hair that you’re not happy with. Intensive, thick, heavy conditioners are not great to use every day on fine hair, they will drag it down and make it look greasy. You need something lighter and specific to fine hair.

Once you’ve found the perfect conditioner for your locks, place an amount the size of a 50p in your hand, a good trick is to rub the hands together so the conditioner is equally dispersed, then near the root, wipe the conditioner through your hair right to the ends. Pay special attention to the ends of your hair as this shows the most damage. Then, ideally leave the condition on for a couple of minutes, during this time you can wash and pamper the rest of your body. Finally rise out the conditioner and squeeze any excess water from your hair. It’s also a good idea to use an intensive conditioner once a week, for extra soft silky locks.

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