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Some of us are on our feet all day, some of us love to adorn them with the most beautiful heels and shoes, even if they cause feet to be painful. Who can put their hand up and admit that they really take care of their feet and treat them to a pampering on a regular basis? Not many of us.

Well now is the perfect opportunity to treat your feet with the help of Keep Me Inspire and our range of incredible foot beauty products.

Our feet take a lot of pounding and pressure from simply walking around, running and wearing shoes all day. To achieve soft supple feet that feel less leathery and much smoother, having a foot beauty routine is a sensible idea. Treat feet daily and moisturise them after a bath or shower or weekly, when you can use a scrub to remove hard skin, then lavish them with a nourishing moisturiser.

The art of reflexology uses the feet as a key to the whole of your body. Certain parts of the foot represent different “zones” of the body such as your organs. Using pressure on certain parts of the foot theoretically improves health and clears any blocked energy channels. Some people swear by Reflexology. If you suffer from foot pain, it’s a relaxing massage for the feet. Other ways to revive those tired parts is a nice hot footbath with a drop of Tea Tree Oil to kill bacteria and Peppermint Oil to refresh. Once you’ve had a long well deserved soak, you can choose one of the foot products from Keep Me Inspired and drench your feet for optimum moisturisation. Another little trick we’ll let you in on, it’s slathering on the moisturiser then putting on some soft cotton socks and sleeping in them, in the morning you will wake with beautifully soft feet.

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