What Keeps You Inspired? - Gemma from Miss Make Up Magpie

May's instalment of WKYI is all about Gemma from Miss Make Up Magpie. We think her blog title describes her best - a lover of make up and shiny things. Since we also think those are two of the best things in the world, we thought we'd ask what keeps her inspired...

What inspired you to [...]

What Keeps You Inspired? - Dani from So Many Lovely Things

The second WKYI post features Dani from So Many Lovely Things, a shoe-obsessed blogger and lover of all things pretty. Let's find out what keeps her inspired.

What inspired you to start your blog?
When I was young, I loved writing. A lot! And as I grew up, I started writing less and less... until I stopped [...]

Ancient Beauty Treatments

From Kim Kardashian to Kate Middleton, celebs have got some pretty wacky beauty ideas up their sleeves. But this isn't a new trend - oh no. Going back thousands of years, people have been obsessed with beauty treatments and the new "must have" ingredients. Let's take a little look at some of the weirdest ones [...]

Ted's Fashion Fix

Spring/Summer '14 is fast approaching and every woman knows that means a wardrobe update is in order. But what to buy? Well, everything obviously! But being realistic you can never go wrong with one amazing investment piece. We know just the girl's to give us all some fashion advice - Cate, Polly, Vida and Ella.
With a little [...]

What Keeps You Inspired? - Kia from Make Me Up

Here at Keep Me Inspired HQ we love bloggers. Bloggers help make the beauty world go round, so we thought it was about time they got some recognition from us for all their hard work. This month we're going to be talking to Kia from Make Me Up, a very talented  blogger who loves nothing [...]