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Orla Kiely Shower Gel

Orla Kiely Shower Gel

A delicately scented shower gel that gently cleanses the skin leaving it lightly fragranced with the scent of the signature eau de parfum.

Sportfish Revitalising Hair, Face and Body Wash

Sportfish Revitalising Hair, Face and Body Wash

Sportfish revitalising hair, face & body wash has been specially formulated for those who like to play hard yet look great.


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Orla Kiely Geranium Soap

Orla Kiely Geranium Soap

Orla Kiely Geranium uses a blend of essential oils including geranium, eucalyptus and clary sage that refreshes and cleanses the mind and body.

Orla Kiely Bergamot Bath and Face Cloth Set

Orla Kiely Bergamot Bath and Face Cloth Set

Created using 100% essential oils, Orla Kiely Bergamot's natural earthy fragrance is fresh and invigorating, with top notes of bergamot, neroli and cedarwood.


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There is nothing quite like a long soak in a gorgeous hot bath. Letting all the stresses slip away and relaxing those aches and pains in your joints. Bathing can be a bit of luxury me time, to those manic mums, and busy business types.

Not only do you enjoy the warming qualities of the water, by adding a special product you can make your skin feel smoother, smell amazing, and draw out any unwanted toxins.

Keep Me Inspired has a fantastic range of bath products that you can add to running water that will create a bubbly bath or something that will enhance your bathing experience, with a mix of exotic scents and natural ingredients. Our bathing products come from the biggest brands including Little Me Organics for babies and tot’s bath time, Naked, Mini Naked, Beautifully Delicious, Dead Sea Source and Orla Kiely.

Not only do we stock some gorgeous products to pour into the bath, we have scrubs, which you can apply to your skin, transforming it from dull and dry to bright, glowing and smooth. If you like the sound of glowing skin, choose our Beautifully Delicious Coconut and Shea Butter Body Scrub, grab a dollop and rub into your skin in circular motions, the Shea butter will moisturise and the sugar exfoliates the skin leaving it brighter and smoother.

We are proud to offer award-winning products. Our Little Me Organics Yippee Playtime Bath Bubbles won bronze at the Mother and Baby awards for the best skin care product.

Bathing isn’t just a way to get clean, it’s a time to reflect and relax, and what more could you ask for than an indulgent experience with gorgeous scents and products, creating a restful mood and amazing feeling skin. Make the most of your bath time with a range of beautiful products from Keep Me Inspired.

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